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Press Releases from 2013

Press Releases and public statements by Scotland Against Criminalising Communities

  • 27 November 2013
    SACC welcomes the emphasis on human rights that runs through the Scottish Government's White Paper on Independence, published this week.
  • 08 June 2013
    SACC welcomes the recent announcement that Scottish police are to look into the involvement of Scottish airports in "extraordinary rendition" but we are concerned that the police lack the will to pursue criminal charges.
  • 06 June 2013
    The Scotsman reported yesterday, 5 June, that almost a third of the children due to take part in a primary school trip to Edinburgh Central mosque were pulled out of the trip by their parents. The paper links the incident to heightened tensions in the aftermath of the murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich. Regrettably, it has covered this important story in a way that seems calculated to fuel community tension and has paid no heed to the efforts being made to build understanding and harmony.
  • 23 May 2013
    The brutal killing of British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich on 22 May was murder, not war. Just like the drone assassinations of supposed Taliban and al Qaida figures who are not actively engaged in combat. All actions of this sort are indefensible.