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Articles from 2007

  • 15 November 2007
    by Solidarity Press Team
    Solidarity, Scotland's Socialist Movement calls for an inquiry into the possibility of collusion between the police, the Scottish legal establishment and News International.
  • 26 October 2007
    by John Wight
    Today I witnessed a serious crime. It was committed in broad daylight in front of fifty or so witnesses in the High Court in Edinburgh, Scotland. The perpetrator of this crime was the British State
  • 12 July 2007
    by Richard Haley
    Big Issue article - My big issue is last week's velvet coup. The coup that Gordon Brown launched while the pundits were praising his sensitive, unassuming leadership. The coup we had to have because a car was set on fire in the porch of Glasgow airport.
  • 26 April 2007
    by SACC
    NN is a young Kurd who came to the UK seeking asylum at the age of 17. On 9.10.05 he was arrested and held in a special unit in HMP Full Sutton and then released under control orders in a town he was unfamiliar with. This is NN's life under control orders in his own words.
  • 01 March 2007
    by IRR
    Institute for Race Relations isues new briefing - Community responses to the war on terror
  • 26 February 2007
    by SACC
    Bin the Bomb Demo, Glasgow 2007
  • 22 February 2007
    by SACC
    Officers from the Tayside Police Special Branch Community Contact Unit (SBCCU) have been operating in Dundee's universities and schools for over a year, seeking intelligence on students and providing what they call "reassurance." Tayside's SBCCU is the only unit of its kind in Scotland, and the only Special Branch "contact unit" in Britain to have publicly put such an emphasis on universities and schools.
  • 12 February 2007
    by Ian Henshall
    Response form Ian Henshall (author of upcoming book 911 The New Evidence) to George Monbiot's article about the film Loose Change and 9/11 "conspiracy theories"
  • 12 February 2007
    by SACC
    William Rodriguez is a 9/11 hero who believes the truth of the Twin Towers disaster has been covered up - report in the Big Issue Scotland
  • 30 January 2007
    by Hassan Mahamdallie

    Muslim working class struggles

    by Hassan Mahamdallie

    One product of the demonisation of Britain's Muslims by those forces desperate to provide a scapegoat for the fallout from the 'war on terror' has been a concerted effort to separate them out from the rest of society, to make them seem ‘alien’ and culturally distant—especially in the eyes of the wider working class. These attacks obscure the reality that the majority of Muslims (though not all, of course) belong to the working class.

  • 29 January 2007
    by David Rovics
    Article by US singer-songwriter David Rovics, prompted by the New York anti-war demo on 26 January 2007
  • 22 January 2007
    by Graham Campbell


    (African Media Group, Glasgow) December 7th 2006

    2007 marks the 200th Anniversary of the British empire's abolition in 1807 of the slave trade – though not of slavery itself. Glasgow's Museums from the Kelvingrove to St Mungo's are commemorating the anniversary with a series of cultural events and exhibitions aimed at paying triubute to the victims, recognising Scotland's abolitionists; and aiding multicultural understanding and diversity.

  • 22 January 2007
    by David Crouch
    Undercover Mosque is a textbook example of Islamophobic reporting. It's message is is that, however "moderate" Muslims claim to be, it is the fundamentalists who are really pulling the strings, using the cover of moderation to preach racism, bigotry and holy war.
  • 16 January 2007
    by SACC
    Pictures from Edinburgh 11 January 2007 - International Day of Action to Close Guantanamo
  • 08 January 2007
    by Shafiq ur-Rahman
    Letter from Shafiq ur-Rahman, President of the UK Islamic Mission, to the makers of the Channel 4 documentary "Undercover Mosque."